Research Shows Our Online Training Really Works!

Recent research shows that participants in Behavior Frontiers Online Training Program increased both their knowledge of ABA methods, as well as their confidence in using these methods with students with autism spectrum disorders. Also, the study demonstrated that online training was just as effective as classroom-based training in informing participants of the ABA techniques necessary to help students with autism and other special needs. Participants in this research study were parents, family members, classroom aides, therapists, speech pathologists, school psychologists, teachers and others who lived with, worked with, or wished to work with students with autism.

The Proof is in the Data…

The participants who completed Behavior Frontiers Online Training Program improved significantly on a test of ABA knowledge from an average of 51% at pre-test to 89% at post-test. Furthermore, the participant’s scores of confidence significantly improved from 3.84 at pre-test to 5.86 at post-test on a 7-point rating scale. Those who took our online training program also reported extremely positive reactions, such as strongly agreeing, “I learned something I can apply immediately to my work or home life.”

And Online Training Works Just as Well as Classroom-Based Training!

Not only did the knowledge and confidence of participants in the online training improve, but the research found no difference in outcomes between participants who completed online training and classroom-based training. Specifically, classroom training participants, who engaged in role-play activities and discussions with a behavior analyst in addition to watching the training videos, had similar pre- and post-test scores on both ABA knowledge and confidence when compared to the online training participants.

“We are excited to see that this research supports online training as an effective way for participants to learn ABA strategies and gain confidence in their abilities to help students with autism succeed.”

– Helen Mader, MA, BCBA, Executive Director at Behavior Frontiers

Graph Research

By choosing to use Behavior Frontiers ABA Training Program with an Autism Specialization, individuals and organizations will get a training program which has been shown by these research findings to be effective in improving both participant’s ABA knowledge and confidence!